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Make an issue ID a clickable link on TortoiseHg

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/* Integrate with Issue Tracker */

Unfortunately, TortoiseHg doesn’t have the feature that integrates with an external issue tracker now. That feature was filed long before, but Bitbucket supports the integration of a repository and an issue tracker, so most developers couldn’t have strong motivation.

To implement functionality of issue tracker integration is hard for us, so one developer introduced “Commit Message Parsing” feature to Repository Explorer for TortoiseHg 1.0, which makes issue IDs clickable URLs.


Yeah, this feature is written in the manual, but most users didn’t know it since we didn’t provide friendly user interfaces for it. So I’d like to describe how to configure and use this in here.

/* Configuration */

You can append the configuration to tortoisehg section in your .hgrc or Mercurial.ini file. Most users may want to change repository’s setting file since the URL of issue tracker will differ from project to project. For instance, if you’re working on TortoiseHg’s development repository of Bitbucket:

issue.regex = #(d+)b
issue.link = http://bitbucket.org/tortoisehg/stable/issue/{1}/

You need to append above lines to repository’s setting file (.hg/hgrc).

/* Conclusion */

The developers have to see bug reports which are filed continuously and expend the time for killing bugs. As a result, they are difficult to look down from comprehensive point of view, new features and/or improvements become trivial things for users.

These are not wrong at all, but there are many hidden features, so we shouldn’t say RTFM (Read the F*cking Manual). We have to write down them to more friendly articles. Because these features don’t have the value unless the users use them.

enjoy TortoiseHg! ;)

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March 28th, 2010 at 6:26 pm

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6 Responses to 'Make an issue ID a clickable link on TortoiseHg'

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  2. This looks like a useful feature. Is there any way to add multiple regex conditions for matching different ways of noting an issue? For example, I want to be able to match any of these different ways of noting bug case number 1234:

    case 1234
    issue 1234
    BugzID: 1234

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

    Kit Roed

    6 Apr 10 at 02:00

  3. No, it doesn’t have the way to add multiple regex conditions. But I also think we should support that feature. For example, it can extend the syntax like “vdiff”:

    issue.bb.regex = #(d+)b
    issue.bb.link = http://bitbucket.org/tortoisehg/stable/issue/{1}/
    issue.bugz.regex = bBugzID:b(d+)b
    issue.bugz.link = http://hogehoge/{1}/

    If you need, could you open this as a feature request on TortoiseHg’s issue tracker on Bitbucket?

    Thank you for your feedback :)


    6 Apr 10 at 02:59

  4. Thank you for the reply! I’ll get to work on requesting enhancements to the bug tracker integration as soon as possible.

    Kit Roed

    6 Apr 10 at 04:38

  5. I am unable to get this to work. my repository’s hgrc contains:

    issue.regex = #(d+)b
    issue.link = http://bitbucket.org/tortoisehg/stable/issue/{1}/

    I fixed a bug and in commit comment: “Fixed issue #3″. After commit and sync with my bitbucket repo, the “#14″ is not turned to a hyperlink.

    I’ll try to use “https” next.
    Any ideas?


    13 Oct 11 at 00:30

  6. To clarify, the issue.link maps out to my repo on bitbucket:



    13 Oct 11 at 00:36

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