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Smooth following Ranking list to page scrolling on NicoVideo

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/* How does it work ? */

This script applies patch that improves behavior of categories list on page scrolling in NicoVideo’s ranking page.

Recently, NicoVideo development team added new feature. Unfortunately, this feature is not good on Firefox. Well, I found description about this in development team blog: ‘works good in Safari’. So I have try and check on Safari for Windows, and it works very smoothly.
So I decide to create this patch.

/* Install & Setting */

This script already uploaded to Userscripts.org. So please install it from this pase.
No configurable item. You just install and use. :)


/* Conclusion */

I said lie in title of this entry. :P
In fact, categories list doesn’t follow to scrolling. It’s just fixed using “position” property of CSS. I saw this feature in first, I think why don’t you use CSS. However, I understand that after making this script. The reason is “CSS changing is not so fast”.
And behavior of this feature is a bit complex. Sometime, categories list is aligned to bottom of page.
As a result, I think that using JS is a good implementation for keeping simple.

enjoy NicoVideo!  ;)

Written by kuy

August 21st, 2008 at 9:17 pm

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